FTP stands for the File Transfer Protocol (FTP). FTP is a standard network protocol for transferring files between computers using the TCP/IP connections. FTP use port 21.

How does FTP work?

FTP works seamlessly over the internet as well as on the local network using the client-server modal. FTP also supports SSL/TLS for encryption, and the referred to as the Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP). You can connect to FTP as anonymous (without credentials) or you can configure the FTP to only connect with username and password.

how ftp work?

FTP is the best means to transfer large files without being corrupted. Using FTP, a client can upload, download, delete, rename, move and copy files on a server. A user typically needs to log on to the FTP server, although some servers make some or all of their content available without login, known as anonymous FTP. It has two modes Active and Passive. The passive mode works better in case the user has a local firewall.

How to use FTP?

FTP can be used using command-line tools, browsers or FTP clients. FTP clients are the most popular choice for the users as it will provide you with a Graphic interface for work. Some favourite FTP clients are Filezilla, WinSCP, Cyberduck.

What is the use of FTP account on the RDP?

Having an FTP account enables you to have your online file storage server.

1. You can download your RDP files to your computer using the FTP client, browser, Internet Download Manager (IDM) from anywhere you want.
2. You can transfer big files from your computer to the RDP directly. Once uploaded you can work on your files on RDP.

What details do I get if I buy an FTP account?

You get FTP hostUsername, and a Password to connect to the FTP storage.

How to connect to the FTP server?

1. Connect to the FTP using Filezilla.


2. Connect to the FTP using a browser.

Open browser (Chrome) and go to:  ftp:// + server IP/hostname. 

for example “ftp://server.bcr.host” then enter the username and password.

ftp with browser

3. Download files from FTP using Internet Download Manager (IDM).

Step 1log in to FTP account using browser.

login to ftp with chrome

Step 2: Right-click on file and select Copy link address.

copy ftp address

Step 3: Open IDM and select  Add URL, paster file link then select use authorization and fill username and password.

download ftp file using IDM

Using IDM you can download your RDP files in full speed and with resume capability.


So there you have it, you can get and transfer files from an FTP server. You can download your files with full speed and resume capability like a premium server. So buy rdp with FTP account to enjoy this.

We hope this article helps you to understand the FTP as well as the different methods and programs used.

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